Protecting our pollinators – ‘Bee aware of Asian Hornets’

May 24, 2024

Protecting our Pollinators- ‘Bee’ aware of Asian Hornets

At this time of year we are enjoying the colours and textures of our many flowers and delight in seeing the honey bees and other pollinators at work. Sadly our honey bees are now facing a serious threat from an invasive species, the Asian Hornet. These are smaller than the European hornet but much more troubling, because they predate on honey bees and can kill 100 a day. We are advised not to kill the hornets, as it is necessary to track them, find their nests and deal with them appropriately.

To get a full description and learn how to report it , if you see one, go to

It’s not too late to sow seeds for wild flowers or get planting for summer colour and a good selection of vegetables. Whether it’s a grow-bag of tomatoes on a balcony or a veg patch in your garden, it’s easy to get going, with a bit of time and effort. The results can be rewarding and / or frustrating, depending on the weather. But there is fun to be had in giving it a go and supporting  the pollinators and the environment as a whole, along the way.

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