Council Expenditure

The Local Government Transparency Code directs that Councils must publish all expenses items over £500 (optionally £250).

Amersham Town Council is committed to transparency, and is glad to publish this information.

The table displays 30 items per page, ordered in reverse date order. You can move through the pages using the navigation at the foot of the table. You can also sort by column by clicking on the headers.

Council Expenditure
DateBeneficiaryAmountTransaction DetailMerchant category
10/08/2020Resins R Us-£537.89Resins R Us - Refund for Sensory Gdn
28/08/2020SG Equipment Finance£506.40SG finance-Mean Green Mower
05/08/2020BNP Paribas Leasing£527.77BNP-Kubota Tractor KX67CFJ
13/08/2020DCK Accounting Solutions Ltd£537.78Accounting Assistance
13/08/2020Days Rental£556.75Vehicle Lease 13Jul-10Aug
17/08/2020Arval UK Ltd£700.36Vehicle Lease 15Aug-14Sep
13/08/2020Timberstore Ltd£729.83Wood for works
25/08/2020De Lage Landen£1,032.00De Lage Landen-Mulching Machine
13/08/2020JClean Limited£1,576.80Cleaning services Jul2020
01/08/2020BC Chiltern£1,827.00Various NNDR payments
13/08/2020Geo Browns Implements Ltd£2,050.44Machinery/Vehicle Maintenance
13/08/2020SparkX Ltd£5,209.92Street light replacements & Maint
13/08/2020HM Revenue & Customs£8,088.21HMRC PAYE/NI Aug2020
13/08/2020Buckinghamshire Council£8,966.90Bucks C Superann Aug 2020
14/08/2020Salaries August 2020£25,714.56Salaries August 2020
28/09/2020SG Equipment Finance£506.40SG finance-Mean Green Mower
05/09/2020BNP Paribas Leasing£527.77BNP-Kubota Tractor KX67CFJ
17/09/2020P A Turney Ltd£649.61Machinery Maitenance Parts
17/09/2020Days Rental£695.94Vehicle Leasing 7Sep-14Sep
15/09/2020Arval UK Ltd£700.36Vehicle Leasing 15Sep-14Oct
17/09/2020DCK Accounting Solutions Ltd£961.56Consultancy re PWLB 7Aug
17/09/2020Geo Browns Implements Ltd£998.49Stump grinder hire
23/09/20202nd Amersham Scout Group£1,000.002nd Amersham Scout Group - Mayor Donation
25/09/2020De Lage Landen£1,032.00De Lage Landen-Mulching Machin
17/09/2020Country Supplies£1,270.23Various Fencing Supplies
17/09/2020JClean Limited£1,430.40Cleaning services Various Buildings Aug2020
01/09/2020BC Chiltern£1,827.00Council Tax Various Buildings
17/09/2020Butler Fuels£2,571.98Depot diesel
14/09/2020Public Works Loan Board£3,661.14PWLB 485672 - Capital
17/09/2020SparkX Ltd£5,209.92Street light replacement & maintenance
01/09/2020Stem Group Ltd£7,074.00CCTV Hervines Park
17/09/2020HM Revenue & Customs£8,640.10HMRC PAYE/NI Sep2020
17/09/2020Buckinghamshire Council£9,818.39BCC Superann Sep2020
30/09/2020Public Works Loan Board£22,889.33PWLB 502684 - Capital
15/09/2020Salaries September 2020£28,145.19Salaries September 2020
28/10/2020SG Equipment Finance£506.40SG finance-Mean Green Mower
05/10/2020BNP Paribas Leasing£527.77BNP-Kubota Tractor KX67CFJ
15/10/2020Auditing Solutions Ltd£534.00Internal audit 2020-21
15/10/2020DCK Accounting Solutions Ltd£537.78Contract accounts Sep2020
15/10/2020Geo Browns Implements Ltd£668.92Kubota steering rod
19/10/2020Garden Scene£694.86Garden Scene -Various Plants
15/10/2020Arval UK Ltd£700.36Vehicle Leasing15Oct-14Nov
22/10/2020HMRC VAT Payment£1,000.92HMRC VAT Payment
25/10/2020De Lage Landen£1,032.00De Lage Landen-Mulching Machin
15/10/2020Barlow Tyrie Limited£1,182.46Memorial Bench - Recharged
15/10/2020Little Chalfont Parish Council£1,381.25Rent 1Jul-30Sep
15/10/2020JClean Limited£1,384.80Cleaning services Sep2020
02/10/2020Gedney Bulb Co£1,610.40Gedney Bulb Co -Bloom
06/10/2020Timber Group£1,775.64Timber Group -Fencing Works
01/10/2020BC Chiltern£1,827.00Council Tax Varous Buildings
15/10/2020Rigby Taylor£2,194.80Sports Pitch treatment
15/10/2020Butler Fuels£2,603.18Diesel Oct2020
15/10/2020SparkX Ltd£5,809.92Street light replacement & Maintenance
23/10/2020WPS hallam£9,233.89Insurance to Oct 2021
15/10/2020Buckinghamshire Council£11,172.35BCC Superann Oct2020
15/10/2020HM Revenue & Customs£11,174.91HMRC PAYE/NI Oct2020
15/10/2020Salaries October 2020£31,250.10Salaries October 2020
28/11/2020SG Equipment Finance£506.40Mean Green Mower
19/11/2020R T Machinery Ltd£508.30Husqvarna Batteries & Equip
5/11/2020BNP Paribas Leasing£527.77Kubota Tractor KX67CFJ
26/11/2020Chubb Fire & Security Ltd£538.56Fire equipment mntnce Various Props
19/11/2020Timberstore Ltd£543.72Timber Supplies
19/11/2020Days Rental£556.75CU65BFK 5Oct-2Nov
19/11/2020Green-tech Limited£569.76Watering system Memorial Gardens
19/11/2020SignX Limited£598.80Print vinyls -Bloom Train
19/11/2020Spaldings Ltd£698.06Husqvarna chainsaw
16/11/2020Arval UK Ltd£700.36Vehicle Lease Nov-Dec 2020
19/11/2020Platform Service & Repair Ltd£820.80Nifty Lift servicing
19/11/2020Travis Perkins Trading Co Ltd£839.72Maintenance materials
19/11/2020Burston Nurseries Ltd£909.91Bedding plants
25/11/2020De Lage Landen£1,032.00Mulching Machine
19/11/2020Geo Browns Implements Ltd£1,130.26Kubota mower hire
19/11/2020JClean Limited£1,276.80Cleaning services Oct 2020
19/11/2020DCK Accounting Solutions Ltd£1,634.16Monthly A/c's & Budget Setting
1/11/2020BC Chiltern£1,827.00NNDR Various Props
19/11/2020Country Supplies£1,926.01Gravel & slate Various Jobs
19/11/2020TWM Traffic Control Systems Lt£4,214.40Chestnut Lane School flashing lights
19/11/2020Ellis Whittam Ltd£4,706.68Employment law insurance
19/11/2020HM Revenue & Customs£8,070.50HMRC PAYE/NI Nov2020
19/11/2020Buckinghamshire Council£8,960.75BCC Superann Nov2020
19/11/2020SparkX Ltd£10,252.62Upgrades and Maint St Lights
23/11/2020Gray Dawes Travel£12,000.00Totally Amersham
13/11/2020Salaries November 2020£26,379.52Salaries November 2020
28/12/2020SG Equipment Finance£506.40Mean Green Mower
5/12/2020BNP Paribas Leasing£527.77Kubota Tractor KX67CFJ
16/12/2020Amersham Allotment Holders£528.00AAHA Membership 2020-21
17/12/2020Manor Estates£540.00Vertidrain Installation Ext Works
21/12/2020Castle Water A/c AB0001021302£541.09Water Pyghtle Allots Meter Read
17/12/2020Days Rental£556.75CU65BFK 2-30Nov20
17/12/2020DCK Accounting Solutions Ltd£617.58Monthly A/c's & Budget meeting
15/12/2020Arval UK Ltd£700.36Vehicle Leasing Dec 2020-Jan 2021
17/12/2020Amazon£750.00Amazon - Gift Vouchers for staff
25/12/2020De Lage Landen£1,032.00Mulching Machine
17/12/2020Barlow Tyrie Limited£1,158.38Memorial Bench & plaque
17/12/2020JClean Limited£1,238.40Cleaning services Nov2020
23/12/2020Timber King£1,321.11Timber for Shed S/Hill Cemetery
1/12/2020BC Chiltern£1,827.00NNDR Various Props
29/12/2020PKF Littlejohn LLP£2,400.00External Audit 2019-20
1/12/2020Gray Dawes Travel£4,500.00Totally Amersham
17/12/2020HM Revenue & Customs£7,525.47HMRC PAYE/NI Dec2020
17/12/2020Buckinghamshire Council£9,208.16BC Superann Dec2020
15/12/2020Salaries December 2020£24,798.00Salaries December 2020
17/12/2020SparkX Ltd£25,189.92Upgrades and Maintenance
28/1/2021SG Equipment Finance£506.40SG finance-Mean Green Mower
5/1/2021BNP Paribas Leasing£527.77BNP-Kubota Tractor KX67CFJ
14/1/2021DCK Accounting Solutions Ltd£537.78Contract accounts Dec2020
14/1/2021Days Rental£556.75CU65BFK 30Nov-28Dec 2020
11/1/2021Ampower UK Ltd£614.28BMCH Elec Dec2020
18/1/2021Arval UK Ltd£700.36Vehicle Leasing 15Jan-14Feb 21
14/1/2021Rialtas Business Solutions Ltd£979.20Omega annual support
25/1/2021De Lage Landen£1,032.00De Lage Landen-Mulching Machin
18/1/2021Matters Group Ltd£1,042.80Intruder Alarm FBC Service/Monitoring
14/1/2021JClean Limited£1,276.80Cleaning services Dec2020
14/1/2021Little Chalfont Parish Council£1,381.25WW Park Insurance
1/1/2021BC Chiltern£1,827.00NNDR Various Props
5/1/2021Cutting Technologies£2,988.00Cut Tec - Bloom Project
13/1/2021Gray Dawes Travel£3,600.00Gray Dawes Travel-Am Comm Board
14/1/2021HM Revenue & Customs£8,194.17Tax/Ni Dec 2020
14/1/2021Buckinghamshire Council£9,219.99Bucks C Superann Jan2021
14/1/2021SparkX Ltd£10,369.92St Light Repairs/Upgrades Dec 21
15/1/2021Bacs Salaries January 2021£24,734.76Salaries January 2021
25/2/2021Stem Group Ltd£504.00CCTV maintenance
28/2/2021SG Equipment Finance£506.40SG finance-Mean Green Mower
18/2/2021Ampower UK Ltd£523.79BMCH Jan2021
5/2/2021BNP Paribas Leasing£527.77BNP-Kubota Tractor KX67CFJ
18/2/2021Auditing Solutions Ltd£534.00Internal audit 2020-21
18/2/2021DCK Accounting Solutions Ltd£537.78Contract accounts Jan2021
18/2/2021Timberstore Ltd£608.96Building works supplies O/S Services
18/2/2021Days Rental£616.40CU65BFK & HX70 BVC Jan 21
18/2/2021Agrovista UK Ltd£674.88Seed Meal - All pitches
15/2/2021Arval UK Ltd£700.36Vehicle Lease 15Feb-14Mar
11/2/2021Ampower UK Ltd£705.66BMCH Jan2021
18/2/2021Grant & Stone Plumbers Merchan£823.66Works Supplies
18/2/2021Windowflowers Ltd£900.00Hanging basket brackets
8/2/2021Start Traffic£906.90Start Traffic -Poles for Signs
10/2/2021Ampower UK Ltd£1,003.42Street Lights Jan2021
18/2/2021JClean Limited£1,276.80Cleaning services Jan 2021
18/2/2021SignX Limited£1,343.76Various signs for Open Spaces
18/2/2021Broxap Limited£1,563.60New Recycling bins
1/2/2021BC Chiltern£1,827.00Business rates Variosu Props
18/2/2021P A Turney Ltd£2,400.00New Flemimg Trailer
18/2/2021Travis Perkins Trading Co Ltd£2,412.27Various Supplies Shed Works
18/2/2021Certas Energy UK Ltd£2,623.33Diesel for depot
8/2/2021Cutting Technologies£2,988.00Cut Tec -Bloom Train Parts
2/2/2021Complete I.T. Ltd£3,297.37Cyber security Feb 2021
3/2/2021Burston Nurseries Ltd£4,194.24Bedding plants
18/2/2021SparkX Ltd£5,809.92Emergency Call out-702 Roundwood Rd
18/2/2021HM Revenue & Customs£8,080.23HMRC PAYE/NI Feb2021
18/2/2021Buckinghamshire Council£9,208.16BCC Superann Feb2021
15/2/2021Bacs Salaries February 2021£24,524.40Bacs Salaries February 2021
16/3/2021Chiltern CAB£500.00Chiltern CAB - Grant
28/3/2021SG Equipment Finance£506.40SG finance-Mean Green Mower
5/3/2021BNP Paribas Leasing£527.77BNP-Kubota Tractor KX67CFJ
18/3/2021DCK Accounting Solutions Ltd£537.78Contract accounts
3/3/2021Top Topiary by Agrumi£540.00Top Topiary -Butterfly Frame
18/3/2021Travis Perkins Trading Co Ltd£580.40Works Supplies
18/3/2021Days Rental£597.78HX70BVC 28Jan-28Feb
12/3/2021Ampower UK Ltd£608.36BMCH Feb 21
15/3/2021Arval UK Ltd£700.36Vehicle Leasing March 21
3/3/2021Talyllyn Railway Company£742.80Bloom Project items
18/3/2021Fleet (Line Markers) Ltd£973.68Pitch marking
18/3/2021Kernock Park Plants£1,023.00Bloom plants
2/3/2021De Lage Landen£1,032.00De Lage Landen-Mulching Machine Feb 21
30/3/2021De Lage Landen£1,032.00De Lage Landen-Mulching Machin Mar 21
22/3/2021Timber Group£1,098.82Shed WW Lodge
18/3/2021JClean Limited£1,200.00Cleaning services Feb2021
1/3/2021Cheapmowers£1,239.00Masport 660 Mower
18/3/2021Little Chalfont Parish Council£1,381.25WW Rent Jan-Mar2021
1/3/2021BC Chiltern£1,827.00NNDR Mar 21
25/3/2021Toyota Aylesbury£1,990.00BX19FZY Servicing
18/3/2021Geo Browns Implements Ltd£2,141.84Tyres x 2 & Service LK19DWW
18/3/2021Country Supplies£2,752.56Bloom supplies
10/3/2021Rowland Brothers Exhumation Se£3,240.00Platt Wall Bones Exhumation/Reburial
12/3/2021Public Works Loan Board£3,661.08PWLB 485672 - Capital
2/3/2021Complete I.T. Ltd£4,094.46Cyber security & Maint Mar 2021
18/3/2021SparkX Ltd£5,209.92Street light replacement
18/3/2021HM Revenue & Customs£8,080.23HMRC PAYE/NI March 2021
18/3/2021Buckinghamshire Council£9,208.16BCC Superann March 2021
31/3/2021Public Works Loan Board£22,889.33PWLB 502684 - Capital
15/3/2021Salaries March 2021£24,545.55Salaries March 2021
19/3/2021Abbey Pynford Geo Structures L£30,945.50Platt Wall Works
18/3/2021Abbey Pynford Geo Structures L£48,545.50Platt Wall Works
29/4/2021Farnham Common Nurseries Ltd£502.68Bloom plants
9/4/2021Ampower UK Ltd£504.29BMCH Mar 21
28/4/2021SG Equipment Finance£506.40SG finance-Mean Green Mower
5/4/2021BNP Paribas Leasing£527.77BNP-Kubota Tractor KX67CFJ
29/4/2021DCK Accounting Solutions Ltd£537.78Contract accounts Mar 2021
16/4/2021Greenshields JCB Limited£567.60Grave Digging Machine servicing
20/4/2021Days Rental£597.78HX70BVC 28Feb-28Mar
29/4/2021SignX Limited£648.00Bloom Project Artwork
15/4/2021Arval UK Ltd£700.36Vehicle LEASING April 21
7/4/2021Enterprise Skip Hire£816.00Enterprise Skip Hire x2
30/4/2021De Lage Landen£1,032.00De Lage Landen-Mulching Machine
29/4/2021JClean Limited£1,200.00Cleaning services Mar 2021
29/4/2021Barcham Trees PLC£1,318.80Trees x10
29/4/2021Travis Perkins Trading Co Ltd£1,337.46Drum roller hire & Supplies
16/4/2021Agrovista UK Ltd£1,522.80Grass seed, pitch renovator
29/4/2021Trade UK£2,089.54Safety boots & Supplies
29/4/2021Certas Energy UK Ltd£2,637.12Diesel for depot
29/4/2021Country Supplies£3,001.25Spruce Melcourt & Timber
29/4/2021Rigby Taylor£4,146.99Wild flower seeds
29/4/2021Geo Browns Implements Ltd£4,236.00Vehicle & Machinery Maint New Trailer
29/4/2021HM Revenue & Customs£8,285.76HMRC PAYE/NI Apr2021
29/4/2021Buckinghamshire Council£9,570.91Superann Apr2021
16/4/2021Abbey Pynford Geo Structures L£15,898.20Platt Cemetery Wall VAT
29/4/2021SparkX Ltd£22,755.84Street light replacements & Upgrades
15/4/2021Bacs Salaries April 2021£25,646.96Bacs Salaries April 2021
21/4/2021CCLA Public Sector Dep Fund£250,000.00CCLA Public Sector Dep Fund
28/5/2021SG Equipment Finance£506.40SG finance-Mean Green Mower
5/5/2021BNP Paribas Leasing£527.77BNP-Kubota Tractor KX67CFJ
20/5/2021Days Rental£597.78Lease HX70 BVC 28Mar-28Apr
18/5/2021Arval UK Ltd£700.36Vehicles Lease 15May-14Jun
25/5/2021Garden Scene Nurseries£958.80Garden Scene Nurseries -Plants
30/5/2021De Lage Landen£1,032.00De Lage Landen-Mulching Machin
20/5/2021Barlow Tyrie Limited£1,084.80Memorial bench - Recharged
20/5/2021DCK Accounting Solutions Ltd£1,121.16Contract accounts Apr21
20/5/2021Farnham Common Nurseries Ltd£1,248.36Bloom plants
1/5/2021Bucks Council£1,871.56NNDR Various Properties
20/5/2021The Green Estate CIC£2,163.85Turf - GXTC O/S Services Works
18/5/2021Castle Water A/c AB0001016212£2,322.93Hervines Pavilion 1-30Apr21
13/5/2021Public Works Loan Board£2,763.34PWLB 267490 - Capital
20/5/2021SparkX Ltd£3,120.00New column-297 Highfield Cl
20/5/2021HM Revenue & Customs£10,012.33HMRC PAYE/NI May 2021
20/5/2021Buckinghamshire Council£11,109.15Superann May 2021
7/5/2021Bucks Council£15,514.04Bucks Cncl Devolved Income Error
20/5/2021Windowflowers Ltd£15,866.40Hanging baskets
14/5/2021Salaries May 2021£29,543.94Salaries May 2021
28/6/2021SG Equipment Finance£506.40SG finance-Mean Green Mower
5/6/2021BNP Paribas Leasing£527.77BNP-Kubota Tractor KX67CFJ
17/6/2021Auditing Solutions Ltd£534.00Internal audit 2020-21
21/6/2021Days Rental£597.78HX70BVC 28Apr-28May
15/6/2021Arval UK Ltd£700.36Vehicle Lease June/July 2021
17/6/2021Summit Hygiene£707.58PPE
30/6/2021De Lage Landen£1,032.00De Lage Landen-Mulching Machin
17/6/2021Broxap Limited£1,039.20Recycling bins
17/6/2021Travis Perkins Trading Co Ltd£1,087.26Tiller hire 30Apr-28May
17/6/2021Barlow Tyrie Limited£1,141.20Memorial Bench - Recharged
17/6/2021Geo Browns Implements Ltd£1,502.30Machinery repairs
1/6/2021Bucks Council£1,867.00NNDR June 2021
17/6/2021DCK Accounting Solutions Ltd£1,920.06Y.End A/C's & Monthly Works
17/6/2021Bucks & MK Assoc of Local Coun£2,266.495141/BALC subs 2021-22
17/6/2021JClean Limited£2,738.40Cleaning services May21
17/6/2021Certas Energy UK Ltd£3,366.90Diesel for depot
21/6/2021Zurich Municipal£3,824.27Vehicle Insurance 2021-22
17/6/2021SparkX Ltd£6,172.92418 Leywood Cl/Upgrades/Maint
17/6/2021HM Revenue & Customs£9,473.26HMRC PAYE/NI June 2021
17/6/2021Buckinghamshire Council£10,633.98BCC Superann Jun2021
10/6/2021Chiltern Youth Club£12,000.00Chiltern Youth Club -Grant
15/6/2021Salaries June 2021£28,397.17Salaries June 2021
28/7/2021SG Equipment Finance£506.40SG finance-Mean Green Mower
23/7/2021Peachman Builders Equipment£514.00Peachman Builders -Boiler MG
5/7/2021BNP Paribas Leasing£527.77BNP-Kubota Tractor KX67CFJ
20/7/2021Days Rental£597.78HX70BVC 28May-28Jun
15/7/2021Burston Nurseries Ltd£636.78Bedding plants
15/7/2021Arval UK Ltd£700.36BD18ZNR 15Jul-14Aug
15/7/2021Spaldings Ltd£718.39Battery hedgetrimmer
15/7/2021SignX Limited£902.64Cemetery signs & fixings
15/7/2021Platform Service & Repair Ltd£941.42Niftylift service/battery
15/7/2021DCK Accounting Solutions Ltd£1,001.46Contract accounts Jun2021
30/7/2021De Lage Landen£1,032.00De Lage Landen-Mulching Machine
22/7/2021Overton (UK) Ltd£1,038.00Overton Ltd -Battery Charger
15/7/2021JClean Limited£1,238.40Cleaning services Jun2021
15/7/2021Little Chalfont Parish Council£1,381.25WW Lodge 1st 1/4
1/7/2021Bucks Council£2,276.95NNDR Various Props
15/7/2021SparkX Ltd£9,253.92Electrical works/Upgrades/Maint
15/7/2021HM Revenue & Customs£9,323.68HMRC PAYE/NI Jul2021
15/7/2021Geo Browns Implements Ltd£9,664.51Trimax Mower & Vehicle Maint
15/7/2021Buckinghamshire Council£10,592.21BCC Superann Jul2021
16/7/2021Chiltern Youth Club£12,000.00Chiltern Youth Club Grant from BC
15/7/2021Salaries July 2021£28,179.32Salaries July 2021

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