Our Environment

We all value our environment, whether it’s the built or the natural environment. The Council is committed to looking after both, with climate change in mind. There are many ways in which residents and businesses can work together to support the environment.

This page aims to draw together useful information to assist in identifying ways in which we can, individually and collectively, look after our environment and help counter climate change.

Buildings (Homes and Energy)

ENERGY (Sources including renewables) Energy ( gas and electricity) are essential but the kind of energy used can make a big difference to the level of carbon emissions generated and therefore the impact on the climate. Renewable energy (e.g. from solar panels and wind farms) is not based on fossil fuels and so is much […]

Carbon footprint and Climate

CARBON FOOTPRINT AND WHAT IT MEANS Global warming and the resulting change in the climate is attributed to excessive gas emissions over time. To combat climate change and its consequences (such as severe storms, flooding, and heatwaves) we need to reduce gas emissions. A carbon footprint corresponds to the whole amount of greenhouses gases or “GHGs” […]

Consumers and Sustainability

We are all consumers: we all buy things and what we buy and where can make a big difference to our carbon footprint. Whether it is food, clothes, energy, a vehicle, we all “consume” every day. Buying less, and making it last longer, including making repairs, and buying secondhand can help. When you no longer […]

Food and Farming

The global livestock industry accounts for 14% of annual greenhouse emissions, meat production has been devastating in some parts of the world e.g., Brazil, where the Amazon Forest has been destroyed to make way for cattle farms (Brazil exports 70% of the food it produces including beef in particular). Cutting down on red meat helps […]

Gardens and Green Spaces

GARDENING Some gardening products and practices are not environmentally friendly. For example, a peat bog is very good at locking up carbon and conversely a peat based compost is not environmentally friendly. There are plenty of good peat-free composts on the market to choose from. Similarly weed killers and insecticides can have a very damaging […]

Recycling and Repairs

RECYCLING There are lots of ways to recycle most things we consume these days. This includes plastics and packaging, paper, glass, electrical equipment, batteries, water filters and clothes to name but a few. It is important to remember, when you are throwing things away, to distinguish between what is relatively clean and can be recycled […]

Transport including flying

There are a number of options available for travelling in and around Amersham, other than by a petrol or diesel vehicle which are more climate friendly, in that they entail lower or no carbon emissions. BUSES Amersham is on a number of bus routes. The links below list the bus timetables and give a map […]


Water is a very precious resource but most of us waste a lot on a daily basis. A SHOWER, NOT A BATH Running a bath takes about 35 gallons of water. A five-minute shower uses about 12 gallons with an “average” shower head. You can save more water by cutting your shower time: every minute […]


Recent News

Monday 22 May 2023 is International Biological Biodiversity Day

May 22, 2023

Biodiversity is the living fabric of our planet. It underpins human wellbeing in the present and in the future, and its rapid decline threatens nature and people alike. The theme of the 2023 International Day for Biological Diversity is “From agreement to action: Build back biodiversity” . See https://www.unesco.org/en/days/biological-diversity Helpful hints of the many things […]

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Children’s EcoFest Returns!

May 17, 2023

The Children’s EcoFest returns this year with more interactive fun and games plus a bee trail and many more activities. This year, the festival will run alongside the Environment Action Day, so there will be lots to see and do for children and adults alike. Come and join us on Saturday 10th June, 10.00-1.30, at […]

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Tulips Throughout Amersham

April 24, 2023

Each day brings more vibrancy to Amersham…look at these beautiful tulips throughout the town, a burst of colour at every turn! The Town Council team and Bloom volunteers planted over 15,000 tulip bulbs around Amersham. All the bulbs are lifted, stored and replanted, bringing more and more colour each year. Huge thanks to the residents […]

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Great British Spring Clean 2023

March 22, 2023

A huge thank you to everyone that participated in Amersham Town Council’s Great Amersham (British) Spring Clean events over the weekend. Pupils from Stony Dean School commenced proceedings by litter picking Stanley Hill before our community litter picks in Amersham over the weekend, which saw 86 residents and visitors brave the rain to take part. […]

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