Water is a very precious resource but most of us waste a lot on a daily basis.


Running a bath takes about 35 gallons of water. A five-minute shower uses about 12 gallons with an “average” shower head. You can save more water by cutting your shower time: every minute saves you about two and a half gallons of water. (Water caught in a washing up bowl on the shower floor can go on the garden.) Low-flow shower heads are needed to achieve a flow rate of significantly lower than 2.5 gallons per minute. Sponge baths are not just for the sick and the elderly. You can save an incredible amount of water with a basinful of warm water, a sponge and a little shower gel or soap. It can be quicker too. You can find out more at

Leaving any tap running unnecessarily is a waste of precious water. In the kitchen one can save water by rinsing in a bowl of water, not under a constant tap. Rather than pouring water down the drain, you can think about taking it outside to water plants and shrubs.

Why not boil only as much water in the kettle as you need, and put the washing machine and dishwasher on only when they are full/ There are lots of other ideas to be had, when it comes to saving water at home: https://friendsoftheearth.uk/sustainable-living/13-best-ways-save-water


Saving water in the garden or on the allotment is equally helpful. Collecting rainwater in a water butt and using a watering can rather than a hose saves a lot.

Watering in the morning rather than the evening allows the plants to draw on the water all day. Not watering your lawn can save a huge amount.

Choosing drought resistant plants and generally giving a bit less water to plants (which will adapt) can make a difference too.

Other ideas can be found at:



Chalk streams are rare and we value ours very much. There are a number of groups that are concerned with looking after the River Misbourne, who provide information and are active (often with volunteers) in protecting the river. The Chiltern Society and the Chiltern Conservation Board both offer more information online:


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