Buildings (Homes and Energy)

ENERGY (Sources including renewables)

Energy ( gas and electricity) are essential but the kind of energy used can make a big difference to the level of carbon emissions generated and therefore the impact on the climate.

Renewable energy (e.g. from solar panels and wind farms) is not based on fossil fuels and so is much better for the environment. Minimising the use of energy is also very helpful.

Online information on saving energy, reducing heating and cost, can be found on various websites including, for example, at

Everything electrical or electronic uses energy including your mobile phone. Turning off an appliance saves energy, rather than leaving it on “standby”.


A lot of heat (i.e. energy) can be lost from a building , through walls and roofs, as well as doors and windows. There are lots of different ways to insulate a home or building, depending on structure and building materials used.  Various websites give useful information. The Department of Energy’s web link is:

Simple explanations of insulation options can be found at:


LED bulbs are more expensive but last many times longer than other bulbs They are far cheaper to run and give out far fewer emissions. They convert 95% of energy into light compared to 10% from incandescent bulbs. An easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to change to LED each time you need a new bulb.


Solar energy is a renewable form of energy, often generated from panels, for example on roofs, with a slope that faces the sun. There are various ways to harness solar power, whether by installing panels on your roof, participating in a community project or buying renewable energy from your utility provider. You can take a look at

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