Just One Thing……

January 27, 2023

Have those New Year’s resolutions lasted?

If we each were to pick just one thing and pursue it through the year, we could make a real difference to our environment and help reduce our carbon footprint.

How about these suggestions:

1 Buy a reusable cup for those takeaway drinks. If you keep it by your phone or wallet, you won’t forget it. It can take 50 years for the average paper cup to decompose: just imagine how many you could avoid going into landfill in one year.

2 Try growing vegetables at home. Plenty of info online to help or books available at the library. It can be fun to plan, and great to grow your own. February is the time to order your seeds, and start preparing the ground, ready to start sewing things in March and thereafter.

3 Recycle more of the things that would otherwise go to waste and pollute our environment.

Check out the website for collection points: https://amersham-tc.gov.uk/environment/recycling-and-repairs/

4 Consider insulating your home.  Insulation, such as lagging your hot water tank, can help reduce your energy bills and save money.

For advice and ideas go to:  https://amersham-tc.gov.uk/environment/buildings-homes-and-energy/

An example of lagging wrapped around a hot water tank, so as to reduce energy loss.
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