The Amersham Town Crest

A Coat of Arms was made on 27 March 1986, described as follows:

“Argent on a mount in base Vent a Wyvern Sejant the dexter claw raised and the wings expanded Gules each semi of plates on a Chief per pale Gules and Gable three water wheels gold. And for the Crest upon a Helm in a Saxon Crown Ora demi lion Gules holding in the dexter claw extended Coral Wort (Cardamina Bulbifera) flowered proper Mantled Gules doubled Argent.

And we do further grant and assign the following device or badge that is to say: A Wyvern Sejant the wings expanded Gules semi of plates grasping in the dexter claw an eradicated Coral Wort* (Cardamina Bulbifera) flowered proper.”

The Motto: “Res gestae. Res future” meaning “thing past, things future” is the nearerst we could come to the former unofficial motto “from the past, into the future”. The thought behind it was that we have an Ancient Town which is designated a Conservation Area with many listed buildings and historic monuments. With the advent of the Metropolitan Line in 1891, both Amersham on the Hill, then a Common, grew together with Little Chalfont, then a road junction. Thus we have two relatively modern elements containing much high tech industry.

The acquisition of not only the Grant of Arms but also of appropriate mayoral regalia in the form of a jewel and collar was munificently funded by Amersham International PLC when they became a public limited company in consideration of the growth of that Company from a small establishment in the late thirties.

* The coral wort grows in one of the town’s principal woodland.

(Pic of crest and Coral Wort)

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