Amersham Recycles for Medic to Medic

January 5, 2023

2022 saw Amersham Town Council working with Amersham Recycles for Medic to Medic, by installing collection points in Amersham on the Hill for various items that cannot be recycled by Buckinghamshire Council.

Throughout 2022 four local retailers agreed to collect the following items:

  • Writing Implements and Pringle tubes at St Michaels and All Angels Church
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and electric toothbrush heads at Specsavers
  • Used Makeup at Brendan O’Sullivan Hair and Beauty Salon
  • Marigold gloves and Ferrero Roche boxes at the Post Office

We have also had help from Woodside Junior School with the collection of Pringle Tubes, makeup and toothpaste tubes and brushes.

With their help the following amounts have been recycled in 2022:

  • 106 kgs   writing implements
  • 60 kgs     toothbrushes, tooth paste tubes and 12 kgs electric toothbrush heads
  • 50 kgs     Pringles tubes
  • 15 kgs     make up
  • 13 kgs     Ferrero Roche boxes & inner trays
  • 11 kgs     Marigold rubber gloves

This is an enormous amount of waste that could have ended up in landfill but instead it has been recycled. Thanks for all your help. Amersham Town Council are pleased to help reduce waste. We believe that we can do even better in 2023, so PLEASE continue the good work and instead of throwing it out, have a THINK first and see if it can be recycled.

We would like to thank the retailers and Woodside Junior School for their help with this great initiative. If any other Retailer or School would like to be involved, please contact Councillor Jane Barnes at:

There are many other items that can be recycled, the following is what has been collected in 2022 by Amersham Recycles for Medic to Medic:

  • 120 kgs   Lavazza coffee capsules
  • 10 kgs     coins and notes
  • 11 kgs     Babybel, wrapping nets, wax
  • 9 kgs       stamps
  • 18kgs      cheese wrapping
  • 8 kgs       Bayliss & Harding pumps
  • 8 kgs       coffee bags
  • 6 kgs       home laundry packaging
  • 13 kgs     Hasbro toys and games
  • 21 kgs     biscuit wrappers
  • 15 kgs     sweet wrappers
  • 16 kgs     rigid plastic storage containers
  • 700          printer cartridges
  • 30,000    CDS and DVDS
  • 50,000     books

You can drop off the above items in the yellow wheelie bin at Newlyn Corner, Sycamore Close, Amersham HP6 6BW at any time. It is essential that each category of waste is kept in individual bags (like with like) as it cannot be hand sorted. Thanks for your help.

More details can be found on their Facebook page:

In 2022, an incredible £4,905.00 was raised for Medic to Medic.

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